With N1,100 You Can Be Making N400 Gain Daily Doing This Business

This is what I have been using to sustain myself since lock down and even till now. It is a very simple and good business and I will share with you how it is and how to go about it.

Right in my home, I discovered that we buy and use eggs alot. For indomie, stew (Especially when we can’t afford meats), rice, bread, yam and so on.

So i was busy calculating how much we spend on eggs daily at home and thought to myself that I can easily be selling eggs to the house instead of buying from outside.

I asked around on the price for a crate of eggs and I found out it was N950 few months ago from when I am writing this article. So I got Two crates for starters.

Things were going fine as I sold each egg for N40 and was making my gain, it went on and on until the price for a crate went up to N1,100. Instantly it moved from N40 to N50 per egg and it got even sweeter as you now make N400 from each crate you sell.

This is one business that if you sit down well and think things, you can start yours. You may not have so many people in your house that will buying eggs from you, but you have neighbors who are probably tired of going down to mallam to buy eggs, you can cut the journey for them and start selling eggs.

Eggs are used mostly in Nigeria in place of fish or eggs and it is because it is affordable, not every one has thousands to buy meat or fish, but eggs are affordable.

This article may not lead you to buying and selling eggs, but the message is for you to look around you and see what is consumed more around you and people go out to get most times, you can just start bringing it in for them and solving their long journey problem while you get paid also.

Mine is one crate, two crates yours might grow into another thing. Look around you, the solution to your problem is most times lying around the corner.