ways you can make money in Nigeria as a student

Online tutor

This is one of those ways you can create a better income for yourself as a student. Online tutor is very lucrative nowadays that you don’t need much to start, if you can get your camera either phone camera or a standard camera and you know much about the course you’re taking and with time you will get people be trooping to learn from you.

App Development

You will not know how much app developers are making if you are never one or you’ve never needed one. These days you don’t have to develop a complete app to make it, just connect with groups of developer, and they will be giving you part of their project to execute it for them and you will get paid for your part.

Affiliate Marketing

If we are talking about making money at home this is one of the correct ways you can make cool cash sitting at home and pressing your phone or your laptop. And people will be wondering how’re you’re doing nothing but spending big. Affiliate marketing is about selling someone’s product and getting paid your commission. You don’t need to sell physical product to make it in affiliate marketing.

Music producer

Music producer is one of best ways to make it this century because everyone wants to be a musician. As a student music producer you have the upper hand of meeting students just like you who wants to make beat or record a song and from there you are already making your own money.


Blogging goes a long way more that writing articles. We have a lot of blogging like video blogging if you find it hard to compose and you want to delve into blogging business as a student. You can find lots of things happening around and you can even start with either your whatsapp group, whatsapp status or even your facebook account even when you can afford to buy a website.

Join Ibtforum and Educatenaija

Theses are platform where you can earn and learn a lot from it daily. Take a boldly step today by joining the platform as a student in other to make money online and learning as well