Ways to utilize your ibtforum Activity Earnings/points

Ways to utilize Activity Earnings/points Stated below:

1. Generate Coupon

Generate Coupon is a special feature on ibtforum that allows you to use your ibtforum Earnings/points to generate ibtforum coupon code and sell to members that wants to purchase PRODUCTS (Forum kit, ebooks, graphics, articles. e.t.c) on ibtforum. You can also register someone under you and collect the Registration fee and also Earn affiliate Bonus using the coupon code

Requirement: 100,000 Earnings/Points to Generate one coupon code. (Earnings/points required to Generate one coupon code may vary based on demand).

2. Transfer/sell activity point

I. Transfer To ibtforum User

This is a special feature that allows you to transfer you ibtforum point/earnings to another ibtforum user and the transfer request will be processed instantly.

II. Transfer to EducateNaija User

You can also transfer your ibtforum earnings to your educatenaija account
minimum of 20,000 ibtforum points also
ibtforum and educatenaija email address must match.

Note: This Transfer request will be processed within 3 to 14 days.

3. Advertise using ibtforum point

Part of the way you can utilize your ibtforum point/earnings is by using it to place advertisement on the website for more information click here