Ways to Earn some Cash in these Hard times

Become a tutor

You could become a tutor to high school or A-level students. You could also do this online and earn a lot from it.

Graphic design

Graphic designers create visual concepts that inspire, inform, and transform. They use industry-leading tools to build innovative design projects. Graphic designers are hot cakes in the country now.

Small chops vendor

Finger foods such as puff puff, spring rolls, buns, samosa and fish roll are popularly refered as small chops. Small vendor business is very lucrative because people buy small chops to fill their stomach everyday.

Join Educatenaija

Join EducateNaija and get paid for questions you ask or answer online. EducateNaija is a legit question and answer site where you can ask questions and get quick answers from real people and also make money online..


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