Ways of making huge money in the Ember month

1) Decorations:

In the time past, the decoration business was looked as a small time deal that can benefit someone in ember months but the narrative has changed. Nowadays, decoration business has come up and its serious means, anyone can make money. That structure you always see around Ember months looking great was decorated by someone. Someone paid for the job to be done and another person got the job done and collected the money. Now, you might have missed out on this decoration deal in the past, however there are many more deals to be made this year. There are offices, churches, homes of rich people etc. in need of decoration. A lot of people are getting married in ember months and decorations are highly needed.

2) Photography:

We live in era of Snapchat and Instagram, people tend to take their own photos and upload it. However, that is still money to be made in photography business as some precious memories are better expressed with a professional camera. Attend events, clubs, resorts, beaches etc. and take wonderful pictures of people and get paid for it. Make yours different and people will pay you instantly.

3) Motivational Talk/MC:

Are you a good talker and have no form of stage fright? Then, don’t allow this opportunity and talent to be wasted. Events are happening in ember months and they need people to moderate it. There are a lot of wedding that will happen in this period. Oncez you’re eloquent and can communicate, then be ready to make money.

4. Educatenaija:

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