Top Five Most Expensive Phones

The top five most expensive phones today. So let’s get straight into it;

5. IPhone 3G kings Button – $ 2.5m

This phone was released in 2008. It costs about $3.2m. it uses 128mb RAM, 8GB/16GB storage capacity, weighs about 133g. It has main camera of 2mp and no selfie camera. It does not have a radio or card slot and it uses a mini SIM. Other features include; WLAN Bluetooth and a loud speaker.

4. Gold Striker IPhone 3GS Supreme – $3.2m

This phone is outstanding, in the sense that it’s front part of the phone has a well developed feature of about 136 impeccable diamonds, the logo on the back of this device consists of 36 high evacuated diamonds. It’s control key of the iPhone has an exquisite 7.1 carat diamond. It costs about $3.2m.

3. Stuart Hughes IPhone 4 Diamond Rose – $8m

This phone designed by Stuart Hughes costs about $8m. It’s back has 53 diamonds on it’s apple logo unlike the previous one which has 36 diamonds. It’s navigation button is made up of 7.4ct pink diamond and on front consists of 500 diamonds.

2. Stuart Hughes IPhone 4S Elite Gold – $ 9.4m.

This phone designed by Stuart Hughes which costs $9.4m, it’s bezel of the phone is hand made and encrusted with 500 stunning diamonds of a total of more than 100 carats.

1. Falcon Super Nova IPhone 6 Pink Diamond – $48.5m

The most expensive phone which is the Falcon Super Nova IPhone 6 Pink Diamond costs about $48.5m. The phone is made up of 24 carat gold and pink gold with a gigantic diamond on the back.