Top businesses you can invest into that will yield profit

Many people around the world have as much capital to invest but they still don’t know which business is the best one to invest at. They then enter the business unknowingly and this makes them loss all or most of their capitals.

Opening small restaurant

Restaurants are places where food is sell. Since food is a basic need for every human being for survival, opening a small restaurant with clean environment and working conditions will attract people and as you serve many customers each and every day, you also makes profits. This can make you wealthier within a short period of time.

Starting a M-Pesa shop

Due to the current digital way of sending and receiving money, many people have found themselves attending Mpesa shops either to withdraw or send money to other people. Have one mpesa shop at a densely populated areas will make you get at least sh5000 per day inwhich per year you can get up to sh150000.

Opening a video watching site

Due to the current situations where every person want to watch what is happening in other countries such as football matches, this has made many people to be attending or visiting video watching site to watch games of their love such as English premier league. Per day the shop owner with a capacity of 100 seats each paying sh50 per match, the owner can earn up to sh5000 per match and sh20000 per day if there are four matches each paying at different time.


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