Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Phone

Many of us only go to the market to check the quality of the camera, battery, and ram, forgetting that the performance of the phone is very essential. Nobody will be happy to purchase a phone that has very low processing power.

So, here are other things you should consider before buying a phone.

1. The Processor: the processor is the brain of every computer, that is why you need to check the quality of the processor before buying the phone. Some of us go to the market and buy the same phone with different name, thinking we have upgraded to the latest phone in the market. For instance, Tecno spark 3 and Tecno spark 4 is making use of the same processor which is “MediaTek MT6761 Helio A22 (12 nm)” which implies that Tecno sparks 3 and Spark 4 are the same phone but different body design.

And you should also check the benchmark of the processor or better still do a comparison between the two phones you have in mind by using Google search engine.

2. Changing port: This is another important aspect we should consider before buying a phone. There are two types of usb port Android phones make use of. They are micro usb 2.0 and Usb Type C. micro usb 2.0 is an outdated usb port which is replaced with the Usb Type C. Usb Type C has a lot of advantages over micro usb 2.0, some advantages are: increase in Charging power, faster transfer rate and easy plugging.

Product like infinix and Tecno are yet to upgrade to USB Type C.

3. Screen Resolution: The Screen Resolution determines the screen display of your phone. The higher the screen resolution, the sharper the image and text in your phone. You should also consider the screen resolution for better display.

4. Ram: Ram is very important to every device, this is where all applications are placed for easy access by the CPU. If you are considering buying a phone, make sure you purchase phone that has up to 2 GB ram. Unless you want to minimize the rate of app use on your phone. The more increase in ram, the higher it execute app faster.