Things you need to know about Educatenaija

EducateNaija was launched on the 3rd of August, 2020. A lot of  member has benefited from this great platform. Educatenaija is created for people to ask questions and get quick and accurate answers from real people and also make money online.

Below are somethings you need to know or you don’t know about Educatenaija

1. Earn

Educatenaija is a platform whereby you will do simple task daily to earn point which can be converted to your wallet anytime you attain to the minimum withdrawal

2. Learn

Educatenaija is just a platform for earning but also learn whereby you can view, ask and anwswr questions.

3. Answer to your mail

Once you ask any question on educatenaija, you don’t need to be checking if your questions as Been answered, once your questions as been answered you will be notified in your registered email is this not great

4. Top answer award

Are you good in answering questions, if you can join educatenaija you will win a token of 1000 naira if you are among the top two that answer most question on the platform

5. Withdrawal is weekly

Educatenaija has been paying there member every week no story. You don’t have to wait for months before you withdraw so far you have reach the minimum withdrawal which is ₦2000 You are eligible to withdraw every Saturday.

6. Conversion rate

On educatenaija you will be paid what you earn i.e 1point equals 1 naira. All Earnings/Points including Activities and Guider commission are automatically dropped in your account.

7. Free membership

Educatenaija is for everyone is not compulsory you have the Registration fee there is alot to learn from the platform you have access to view questions and Answers. moreover premium Registration fee is not cost just 1600 naira only

See full details and how educatenaija works here.