The 10 most dangerous jobs in the world

The 10 most dangerous job in the world
2020-02-13 09:47:46

1 Underwater welders

Underwater welders face a series of dangers on the job every day, including the risk of shock, explosion, decompression sickness and wear on their dental fillings. Underwater welding is ranked as one of the top five most dangerous careers- according to Blogger Proud to Be American. “It has a 15% fatality rate, 1,000 more dangerous than being a police officer.”

2. Fisherman

Any kind of fishing is an extremely dangerous profession; they are faced with blizzards and difficult weather conditions, heavy machinery and long working hours with no or, very little sleep. Fishermen suffer from serious injuries due to heavy machinery and gear, with 80% of fatalities due to hyperthermia or being thrown overboard and drowning.

3. Logger

The task of working all day cutting down large trees sounds dangerous enough without adding fast-moving machinery into the mix. Lumberjacks have one of the most life-threatening careers with the highest rate of workplace fatalities; according to


“91 in 100,000 loggers are killed on the job every year – nearly 30 times greater than the average job.”The majority of logging-related deaths comes from equipment errors or trees falling on workers.

4. Microchip Manufacturer

This isn’t an occupation that would seem dangerous, but computer chips are created with numerous hazardous chemicals including arsenic. While manufacturing chips might not be immediately fatal, there are long-term effects to health such as high rates of miscarriages, birth defects, cancer and respiratory illnesses.

5. Bush Pilot

Loved by many youngsters that need a bit of adrenaline in their day-to-day lives, but it comes with a lot of risk. Any day can vary from working in bad weather conditions to fires and extreme targets. Although a great deal of training is given, this job has many deaths with a rate of 87.8 deaths in 100,000 workers, according to Bureau of Labour statistics.

6. Bull Rider

Bull riding has surged in popularity since the 1990s with promises of big money for a second ride, but bull riders can suffer at least one significant injury per every 15 events they partake in, including concussions, broken bones and fractures. This life-threatening situation is probably not worth the potential prize money.

7. Steel Worker

Although safety harnesses have been implemented, steelworkers still risk falling from a great height. The job also includes the risk of serious injuries from steel beams or walls collapsing on workers. In the US, in 2005, steelworkers still had a fatality rate of 56 deaths per 100,000 according to BLS statistics.

8. Oil Rig Worker

This tough job is very challenging on one’s physical and mental health. Most offshore oil riggers work 16-hour shifts, often with very little sleep and in very hostile environments. Fires and oil rig explosions top the list for job-related dangers.

9. Snake Milker

Snake milking is one of the deadliest yet essential jobs that save many lives every year. While there are safety procedures in place, each milking process has a high-risk factor when fighting with such a fast and poisonous reptile. Most workers are bitten on the job. On the upside, snake milkers risk their lives to save thousands of others.

10. Lorry Driver

Lorry and courier driving is dangerous for a number of reasons; it’s a tiring job that requires a lot of concentration and the vehicles often weigh up to 44 tons. Couriers are also at risk of being physically harmed and robbed for the goods that they are transporting. According to the, “a heavy goods vehicle has the potential to cause a lot of damage if a driver loses control – but a number of lorry driver deaths were caused by other moving vehicles on the road.

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