Some hidden settings you don’t know about android phones

There are hidden Android settings you should know no matter the version of your Android phone all it needs its just a little rummage around to find the settings.

1. Activate this settings to make sure you find your missing phone.

Are you scared of loosing your phone? Activate this to increase your chances of recovering your phone peradventure it gets missing.

Go to your phone settings, then security and location and click on find my device. After activating this setting, if you misplace your phone just go to the security and location page in any browser and log into your google account.

Put on the location of the phone you are using to search for your missing phone, You will be able to View your missing phone location on the google map.

2. Settings to reduce data usage

To activate this setting, go to your phone settings then click on network and internet, click on data usage and then data server

Every Android phone includes a built-in-system which reduces the amount of data background apps can use up at a time when you are not connected to a free Wi-Fi.

When you activate this setting to reduce data usage, it will affect different apps in various ways like images not showing up in a browser except you click on it.

3. Settings to control your Android phone battery usage.

Go to your phone settings, click on battery, click on the menu button at the top right then click on battery optimization. Click on the not optimized link, click on all apps then select an app and click on the don’t optimize option.


When you activate this setting, it will maximize the apps on your phone so they won’t drain your phone battery. Like your email app can still be running in the background, checking for email updates and still not drain your phone battery.

4. Settings to free up memory space

To free up memory space, go to your phone settings, click on storage and turn on smart storage toggle switch.

If your phone is struggling to up memory space, this setting will automatically delete copies of videos and photos that have been saved in google photos.

5. Settings to wake up your phone with your voice

With this setting, you don’t have to touch your phone to access your google assistant.

Go to your phone google app, you will see the menu button, it is a three horizontal lines on the bottom of the right side of your phone then click on settings and click on voice.

Click on voice match then “OK google”. Anytime you give a command with your voice, your phone will wake up anytime even when your phone is locked.