Smartphones You Probably Have Not Seen Before

1. The Dras Phone

The Dras phone is probably the most unusual smartphone in the world because you can pile it up like a bunch of Domino tiles.

Moreover, it has a modern touch screen which can be bent in 180 degrees in three different points. This makes the phone more compact! Even when folded, the phone is fully functional and shows some notifications and any important information using all kinds of widgets.

2. Lenovo C-Plus

When unfolded, it looks like a remote control with huge screen. Nevertheless, these dents on the top and bottom of the phone are a little bit unusual but this phone can be bent.

In its presentation to the press in San Fransisco, the representative of Lenovo recognized that the screen can still crack like a shattered glass while rolling it. The electronics inside it are however divided into different segments until it can be used as a smart wristwatch. Also, the interface changes according to the way you want to use it.

3. Triple Flip

Triple Display Flip is an unusual phone that works with Windows 7. The folding design of this device guarantees the protection of the phone because the phone is usually covered by the top and bottom flips.

A little bit of the screen is left uncovered to show one some important information like the name of the person calling, the time and date.

The device opens fast and easily by pressing the two clicks by the left and right side of the frame. However, the triple flips can be folded out to all its length. It has a virtual keyboard and for those who love retro phones, the device has a QWERTY keyboard on one of the sides.

The phone is good for movie lovers as it can bend 270 degrees and it can be turned up to give the best angle to watch the movie. It can also be connected to a monitor or large screen for better view.

4. Nintendo Plus

This is a new wet dream for all the video game fans but it is not a normal phone, it has an unusual design, it flips, slides and rotates. Instead of a usual keyboard under the screen, the creators put a set of known game buttons, the D-pad and C-stick button for enhanced controls. So, basically, it is a phone for play.

It has a two frontal speakers and bright screen. The stylus for these games need accuracy and the mechanisms are to hold the screen in place.

5. NEC flip phone.

A normal mobile phone needs a screen to function, some might say two screens but this particular phone has three screens. Having this kind of phone with three screens and it is an Android operating phone makes it spectacular!

It is perfect for multitasking in a way that each of the screens can be used in opening different applications or files and the keyboard at the back of one of the screens is what it needs to work better. Also, the phone is suitable for watching movies.

6. Arubix Portal

The heart of this phone is the multi core processor. It has 2GB RAM and 64GB flash memory but the main feature of the phone is that it has four cameras and some of them can be controlled with gestures.

Other features includes:

– Stereophonic speakers

-Wireless charging

– GSM and LTE supports

– A barometer and electronic compass.

– GPS navigation system and a chip for wireless payments.

– A movement sensor and a possibility to immerse the phone inside the water upto 32 feets.

The phone is protected against scratches and the frame is made of resistant materials like Kevlar and Polyurethane and as a working platform, it will be making use of modified version of Android.

7. Google Project Ara

It is an unusual smartphone, though it cannot be found in the market. It goes by a code name A8AO1 and in this model, the different parts of the phone is connected with magnets but Google declared that the magnets are not enough to keep the different modules together.

So, it was decided to create electromagnets that stick out from the corpus and leave the blocks safely together but this smartphone is not compact. It is 12.5mm thick without a camera module which makes it not suitable for modern use. This may be why Google decided to close the project!

8. NEC Medias W

When closed, it is not different from the usual phones we see around, it may be a little thicker than normal with 13mm but when opened, one will be amazed by its 4.3 inch LED screens. This huge display can be used to work on one application on full mode or in two different applications at the same time.

The problems attached to this phone are just that it has a low battery capacity and it is also very fragile because it is unprotected when closed.

9. Nokia 888

This phone is an example of flexibility. It has an innovative screen and the soft frame that allows bending of the phone anyway one wants.

It is 5mm thick and apart from that, it has an inbuilt cables that will allow it to be bent or moved if one get a message or call. Also, liquid batteries can be used for it’s energy supply. It can be called the phone for the future!

10. ZTE Eco Mobius

With this phone, you can assemble your phone or renovate it with new pieces. The phone has four modules which are the screen, the processor, the accumulator and the camera.

The main module weirdly enough is the screen, the other modules stick to the display with magnet and on top of that, you can protect the construction with a cover.

You can easily change the camera, the battery, the screen and the main modules including the processor, the RAM, the flash memory and the video processor.