See how to improve your camera quality and take better pictures with your phone.

Step 1. The first thing to do is to clean your lens. Don’t use a material like jeans that would scratch your lens surface, Use soft clothes like the one given to you at the optician’s office to clean your phone’s lens.

Step 2. Change your settings

Increase your phone’s resolution, change the ISO, change the white balance and so on . Adjust your camera settings till you are satisfied with its image quality.

Step 3 . Ensure your phone is stable when you are taking picture. If your hand is shaky the picture taken would be blurry.

Step 4 : Take your phone with the right amount of light : Stop taking pictures in a dark room and use natural source of light to achieve a better quality.

Step 5 : use your back camera : Your phone’s back camera would always be clearer than its front camera. If you’ve tried all the methods above and your picture is still not clear try step 6

Step 6. Use other camera apps: Google camera for android, camera MX, vsco, 360 camera are apps you can try for a better selfie experience.