Reason why Ibtforum is the best news Paying site.

You might be wondering why I said Ibtforum is the best news paying site. There is what I see in, they are transparent in their payout process and everybody knows that. Below are the reasons

1. The site is easy to navigate(even though it’s your first time of visiting the site.)
2. Very affordable start up fees(#1500)
3. Earning up-to #600 or more daily( base on how you work, by creating posts, commenting and reading news.)
4. Free membership plan, where you can upgrade to paid plan later( all earnings will still be intact.)
5. No need to spend your whole day to perform your daily task on the site, within 5mins to 10mins you are done.
With the reasons above I find this site best of it’s kind. If you have any other reasons, you can add it too in the comment section below.


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