Profitable Catering Businesses you can Start in Nigeria

1) biscuit making

Making biscuit is a cool way of making money out from home because biscuits are in high demand because every kids in the world loves biscuit and there are millions of kids in the world so biscuit making is a cool way of making money ,so in a community where there are two thousand kids definitely the demand for it is still high thereby supplying about one thousand biscuit at twenty naira per each you will be getting about twenty thousand at cash .

2)Buns making

Irrespective of the warning given to people by world health organisation (WHO) to avoid eating junks but people are still consuming alot of buns a day starting a buns making today will yield alot of profit to you because a day will not pass without peoples eating buns.

3)chin chin and bread production

Chin chin and bread are the most profitable home catering because they were in high demand today and has little or no risk attached to it and will make you a very rich personnel and also a CEOs of a company at large

Last three months ago my fellow old school mate who ventured into bread production is now living a rich life .

4)zobo and soya milk production

This is highly profitable when it comes to business because even doctor prescribed it to some patients and even the students loves it so much .