Profitable Businesses You Can Venture Into and Make Huge Profits


This business is very lucrative especially in areas where it’s hard to access Banks and ATM machines. You can just get your POS machine from the bank and get a small shade and start off. It’s very easy to start and by the end of the month you must have made alot of profits.


Everyone wants to smell good. You mustn’t break the bank to smell good and that’s where Oil perfumes comes in. With as low as 700 naira, you can purchase a 3ml perfume that you’ll love. For starting this business, you can use a capital of 5000 and gain alot from it. The good thing is that you don’t need to leave your house. It can be sold from the comfort of your home so long as you’re on any social media platform.


This involves buying cheap from mini importers and selling at your own price. This is what many people are into now. You can act as the dropshipper by importing and recruiting People to a WhatsApp Group where you sell to them cheap. You make a lot of profits from this because you can buy a product for 1000 and sell it for 2500. They won’t complain because of the value of that product.


Everyone uses recharge cards every single day that passes. We need to connect with friends and loved one so we buy recharge cards. So this is one business that will yield you massive gains.


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