Profitable Businesses You Can Start With N10,000 That Will Give You Constant Money Monthly

1. Production of fresh fruit juices:

Manufacturing companies are one of the highest paid companies. They need a lot of investment, but they will pay off in the long run. The great thing about manufacturing companies is that you can control the prices of your products. Demand or demand will not depend on market forces.

You usually need more than N50,000 for your manufacturing business. But fortunately, N50,000 is required to produce fresh juice.

This small-scale business is usually in high demand in cities with large populations. The main customers are drinks, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and shops.

But just try to get large orders. Therefore, your product will not rot and you will reap the benefits. Consider special offers for regular customers.

2. Small fish fingerlings:

Cutting fish fingers on a small scale is an easy type of work to start. However, a lot of water supply is needed. It also requires a lot of vigilance, so it will take a lot of time and effort. Typically, this type of small business will pay almost 100%.

3. Sale of mobile accessories:

The mobile accessories business is currently growing rapidly. You will definitely have a lot of customers. All you have to worry about is finding a provider. Initially, you can buy additional equipment in China. These are not the best quality, but they are known to be cheap.

But don’t think that your business will last long if you rely only on cheap accessories. Consider buying (and selling) more expensive accessories when you make a profit. You need to have a good reputation among buyers to encourage other people to buy accessories.

4. Computer repair:

In today’s world, computer repair companies can be very lucrative. All you need is a high level of repair and troubleshooting. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, just ask a professional to teach you. Before you start, make sure your skills are high enough. They don’t want bad analysis, do they?

5. Mini import case:

You do not need a lot of money to start a mini import business. You can make a profit from all the sales and therefore increases income. The great advantage of this idea is that everything can be controlled from the comfort of your room. Need a laptop or computer and a fast internet connection.

6. Business restaurant:

This type of business is especially popular among potential entrepreneurs. I can give you a lot of customers and therefore win, but you have to take into account the location, market prices and competitors. The best way to get started is to start in a busy city with a reliable staff. Consider focusing on a kitchen: people like it when the restaurant is Chinese or “continental.”

7. Production of perfumes and liquid soaps:

The production of perfumes and liquid soaps requires skill in the field of chemistry. You can make your own soap or perfume or start working and work with it,the target market for soaps is beer shops, hotels, restaurants and cafes. You can sell perfumes to professionals, teachers, bankers and more.