OPINION: You Have Poverty Mentality if You Do These 4 Things

1. You will hear people who suffer from poverty mentality saying thinks like ”vanity upon vanity” when they see anything that depicts luxury. Meanwhile, in the depth of their heart, they want the same. It’s like a way of consoling themselves for things they can’t afford.

2. People with a poverty mindset are always hating on rich people. When they see wealthy people living luxuriously, they are quick to castigate them. Meanwhile, they wouldn’t hesitate to switch positions with the wealthy if the opportunity presented itself.

3. If you are always going for the cheapest things even when you can afford the one of better quality, you suffer from a poverty mentality. You always want to hold on to money. You prefer quantity to quality even when you can afford it.

4. People with a poverty mentality hardly take risks. They prefer to leave their money in the bank rather than invest. This is because they don’t want to lose what they already have instead of investing in opportunities that would grow their money faster. They think of how to save more instead of how to earn more.