Neglected paying Businesses in Nigeria

When it comes to engaging in businesses and hustling Nigeria is one of the most respected country in the world, but the problem most of our youths are facing is how to start up a good business with just little capital.


Do you know something and want to pass it to others? Do you have vast experience? Are you bilingual, strong in mathematics or physics and even English language or in foreign languages? Become a Tutor now. As a mentor and even a head of a professional education center, you will start working in this area effectively,

Bee Raring

This is how works, firstly it is important to have a hives in which bees collect their honey. It is possible to produce very clean honey. The consistency of the honey from shops is not always trusted because it doesn’t indicate where and what it’s made. You can buy this valuable commodity from farmers directly as people often appreciate and tend to spend more on natural and undiluted honey which people regards as working the best. Honey is known for having many uses, people use it for variety of things including which isn’t limited to treatment of all kind of wounds or illness.

Sale of excess and overdue items for recycling

Believe me friends, this business is one of the best in Nigeria. I know it might sound odd to you but all you have to do is read through this very well and come back to thank me later.

This business is just as if you are selling waste materials to recycling companies which is highly profitable, all you have to do here is locate some of the companies who needs these waste products and they are ready to pay for it.

Sale of a barrel of milk

This is another lucrative business you can start with little capital and start making good income from it. As you are aware that food items are always on demand in the market so is milk consumption a daily essential for people in Nigeria. Food price rises and demand does not fall in times of crisis, because people have to eat always. Milk is the essential nourishment. A barrel of milk can be purchased and pour it inside Bottles or Tins sold at retail prices.

Event planning

This type of business requires innovation and good initiative. you can organize events of your own and find partners who are relatively good in different aspects, for instance you can organize a comedy show, musical event, and lots more.