Most Used Mobile Phones in Nigeria


Infinix mobile phones are manufactured in France, Bangladesh, Korea, Hong Kong, China and India and are available in Asia and in about 30 countries in the Middle East and Africa, including Morocco, Bangladesh, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan and Algeria.

On 8 May 2018, Infinix Mobile Nigeria signed an endorsement deal with David Adedeji Adeleke (Davido) as the 2018 Nigerian Mobile Brand Ambassador.


Tecno is a premium smartphone brand. Upholding the brand essence of “Expect More”, TECNO is committed to giving the masses access to latest technology at accessible prices, allowing the consumers to reach beyond their current limitations and uncover a world of possibilities.

In May 2017 was recognized as the “most student friendly brand”. Tecno phones are mostly used in Nigeria, ranking as one of the cheapest in Nigeria.


Just like Infinix and Tecno, affordability is also the major traction of products carrying the iTel logo. In fact, the cheapest smartphones in the country are made by iTel, which sort of explains its popularity. iTel is also owned and operated by Transsion Holdings and owns about 6 – 10% market share in the Nigeria smartphone market.


Samsung mobile phones is a series of computing and mobile computing devices that are designed, manufactured and marketed by Samsung Electronics. The product line includes the Samsung Galaxy S series of high-end smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Tab series of tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Note series of tablets and phablets with the added functionality of a stylus, the foldable Samsung Galaxy Z series, and smartwatches including the first version of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, with later versions dropping the Galaxy branding, until the release of the Samsung Galaxy Watch in 2018.


The iPhone is a line of touchscreen-based smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. that use Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. The first-generation iPhone was announced by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007. Since then Apple has annually released new iPhone models and iOS updates. The iPhone’s user interface is built around a multi-touch screen with a virtual keyboard. The iPhone connects to cellular networks or Wi-Fi, and can make calls, browse the web, take pictures, play music and send and receive emails and text messages.


This phone has been a hero to so many people in Nigeria. It is cheap and very easy to operate, it is more suitable for some of our parents or elderly people that fine the smart phones too difficult to operate.

The mobile phone is also use as a backup phone by smartphones users, to support their smartphones incase it goes off.  Having a torch (flashlight) to hand or always in your pocket, while useful, isn’t something we’re all prepared to carry around with us on a daily basis.