Most profitable lucrative business in Nigeria

Laundromat Business

A Laundromat business is a means of providing reliable, efficient, commercial washing machine and dryers in a retail space and request payment for the usage of the equipment. Most laundromats are self-service, simply requiring that the customer purchase a certain amount of time using the washing machine or the dryer.

Coffee Shop Business

Coffee shop is a portable lucrative business because almost everyone loves fast, convenient coffee. This is one of the most viable drive-thru businesses you can start. To start off, you have to research the coffee industry and learn the difference between its basic and upscale offerings. Decide whether your drive-thru will offer inexpensive, basic fare or more sophisticated drinks.

Art Gallery

People can now stop by an art gallery whenever they start feeling artsy, and this is without leaving their vehicles. This concept is typically used in exhibitions where people are required to pay a gate fee before they can be allowed to drive into the premises where they can view the various arts on display while they drive around. But today, an entrepreneur can set up a jump-in art gallery full time where people can drive up to view the arts on display after paying some gate fee. You may need more than a few people to run this business as you would need your staff in strategic locations in case someone wants to make a purchase


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