Most Highly Demand Product in Nigeria

You would agree with me that soaps are an everyday item. Everybody in Nigeria uses soap. Whether it is in solid, liquid or powdered form, soaps have a high demand in every part of Nigeria. They are generally used for washing and for bathing. So if you are looking for a commodity that sells rapidly, soap is definitely one of such commodities.

Power banks provide a means to extend battery life and charge phones while on the go. They come in different capacities and are very portable. Considering the epileptic nature of power supply in most part of the country, many people in Nigeria, particularly the youths, will look for an alternative source of power to charge their mobile phones. You may not produce power banks but you can order some cheaply from aliexpress or alibaba at cheap rates and resell them to people who need them.

Still on fashion, clothes and shoes are hot commodities in Nigeria. There are different clothes and shoes for men, women and children. Also different occasions will require different outfit. Most people in Nigeria have more than one pair of shoes and many changes of cloths. As the trend in fashion continues to evolve, cloths and shoes will continually be in high demand.

Cooking gas has become very popular in most Nigerian homes. It is considered more economical as compared to kerosene, coupled with the bad electricity supply in the country; people look for relatively cheaper and faster way of preparing their meals. Another advantage of using cooking gas is that the flames produce no smoke, therefore keeping cooking utensils clean and free from sooth stains commonly associated with using kerosene stove. Plus it is clean energy so the environment loves it.