Modern way of making money with your smartphone online


This is as easy as ABC. You can own a WhatsApp Tv and advertise People’s Products,once those products are sold through you,you will be paid a commission for advertising. Just have a good number of contacts and you are good to go


These are Bitcoin, Etheruem and Tron. Well,those are just. Few crypto coins that are in the crypto currency market and they have turned people into millionaires! You can buy these Coins in Bulk And store them so when they grow in Value,your money will grow also. If you are unable to buy in bulk, you can Acquire massive amount of Cryptos through running Smart contracts Which are essentially Crowd funding or networking

Forex Trading

You can also make big amount of money if you invest and trade in forex! You can invest as low as 10 dollars and start Trading but you must take your time and learn how Forex works. Various forex trading apps are octa Fx, Expert option, Iq option etc


To work as a Freelancer,you must have Various skills you can offer to Customers.skilss like Graphic designing,Web development, Writing etc. So you have to learn those skills and register in Websites like freelance or up work


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