Lists of Jump-In Business ideas you can start today

E-Book Writing

Writing books online is good business to jump-in to and another creative way to earn extra money. If you’re a creative writer, all you need to do is to visit Okadabooks which is one of the leading platforms in Nigeria that helps shelving and showcasing your books for sell. Okadabooks is the Nigerian Amazon kindle store for self publishes creative writers. All you need do is to write your best stories (fiction or nonfiction) and upload the epub version to them for publishing. By doing this you’re one step from making money online.

Gas Refiling Business

There are sayings that cooking gas refill business can never go out fashioned and as such, it is considered one of the lucrative easy jump-in business. The business entails storing large quantities of cooking gas and reselling it to people for cooking purposes. Aside the fact that the business is lucrative, it also helps in curbing the problem of green house effect and environmental hazards. Cooking gas business patronage has increased geometrically due to the rising cost of kerosene and scarcity.

Car Wash Business

Car washing is another lucrative jump-in business that is doing good . Many people would gladly stop over a car wash on their way to work or an engagement and just drive their car through the wash and come out with a sparkling automobile on the other side. Setting up this business is quite easy and you may not have a lot of problems with getting the required permits. You only have to buy car washing equipment and set up your own automatic car wash.


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