Legitimate Home Based Business Ideas for All and Sundry

Want to work from home but aren’t sure what you should do? This list of 5 home business ideas is a great place to start.

Dreaming about starting a home business? Getting a little tired of the rush hour commute to and from work?


Maybe you simply want the “freedom” of working at home where you can have more flexibility and, most days, don’t have to go through the morning routine of a nice outfit, makeup, etc.

Nearly any job can become a work from home position or a home business thanks to technology. If you have marketable skills and a computer at home, there are many home businesses you can start with little or no money.

Check out these 5 home based online business ideas

1. IBTforum

IBTforum is a very good start for making money online at home. You don’t need to have any specspecial requirement. Payment is automatic without referrals and many more offer. You won’t want to miss these offers, join now

2. Educatenaija

Educatenaija is a new home based online business where people get paid to ask questions and answer questions. This is quite similar to IBTforum in terms of uniqueness. You will never regret joining educatenaija. You need to just give it a try.

3. Website Designer

Everybody wants a website but many don’t know how to make it happen. If you have skills in graphic design and basic programming, starting a web design company could be well advised. Websitebuilderexpert.com notes that web designers charge between $50 and $80 an hour. the web Start with small businesses that you can service on your own. As you get larger and hire people to work for you, go after the larger clients. (Learn more: How to Start a Web Design Business) How much money you’ll be able to make a year will depend on your skills, the ability to sell your services, the size of your clients and your location. If your skill level is high and you can bring in a lot of business, your earnings can be significant. If you’re working alone, your earnings will be limited by your time as well as your skillset.

4. Virtual Tutor

Education is no longer all about sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher in the front of the room deliver a lecture. Now, students learn online, too.


Online tutors function just like a face-to-face tutor except that students watch and interact with the tutor from a computer or mobile device. Because they don’t have to travel, online tutors have the potential for higher revenue than traditional tutors who may travel to a student’s home or to a learning center. The amount of money you can make as an online tutor will depend on the number of hours a week you work.

5. Career and Skills Training

If you know how to do something that other people want to learn how to do, you can make money teaching courses online. Unlike tutoring, creating and selling online courses doesn’t require you to tailor your instruction to a particular individual’s needs. Instead, you create a video or other training course once and then sell it over and over again to anyone that wants to learn what you’re teaching. How much money can you make? Some online instructors make $5,000 to $10,000 a month from their courses. Others make next to nothing. How much you will make will depend on factors such as where you sell your courses, how many people want to learn what you’re teaching, how good the content is and how good you are at getting people to find and buy your courses.