How to watch your SD card movie on TV

This is more suitable for modern TV or flat screen TV as it is also called.which is to say that it would not be possible on an old TV, because there is no provision for a USB spot in an old TV.

1: Download any movie of your choice and save them directly to your memory/SD card storage on your phone.

2: Rename the file on your phone with a common name, for easy access. Example; my film1, action film 2,etc.

3: Get an SD card reader

4: After renaming the file, remove the SD card , which is also known as the memory card,slot the memory card into the card reader.

5: Check at the back of your TV for a USB spot


6: Slot the cards reader, containing the memory card, and your already stored files, into the USB spot provided at the back of your TV.


7: Get your TV remote control,and click on the menu button, the picture below would display, then click on entertainment.


8: You would see something like this after clicking on entertainment, well if you do, you are on the right track already.


9: Click on movie list, and it would open.

10: Now select a movie of your choice, following how you renamed the file.