How To Customize Font On Android Devices

Apex launcher: this is one of the most popular launchers and here’s how to change your fonts after you download and install the app. However, this launcher can only change fonts within the launcher itself and also the app is fairly expensive. Here’s how to change fonts on your android phone with Apex launcher.

Go to settings of the ‘Apex Launcher app’, tap the ‘home screen’ selection and click on ‘layout and style’, lastly click on the ‘label font’ selection and pick the font of your choice.

To change the font of your app drawer by going to the settings of Apex Launcher, tap on the ‘Folder’ section, scroll down and click on ‘Label Font and choose the font of your choice.



GO launcher: this app is specifically for those who like to customize their phones which include fonts. Do the following to change fonts on GO launcher,

firstly, copy your TTF or OTF font files onto your phones, long press anywhere on the home screen and select ‘GO settings’, select ‘font’ and pick your font or tap ‘scan’ to add files stored on your device. However take note that this won’t change the fonts throughout the system but will include most of the apps you use frequently.

Action launcher (Pixel edition):

this is another powerful application when it comes to customizing your android phone. To change your font go to settings and then choose Appearance, click on font and choose the font you want. However the fonts on this app are few, just the system fonts and a few different ones.

Smart launcher 5:

this app will give you the ability to choose new fonts for your android device; in this app you head to ‘Global appearance’ and select ‘font’. This app has a variety of fonts but once again the change is only going to affect the fonts in the app.


this is not a launcher but an app designed for changing of fonts in android phones, it is totally free and supports phones such as Huawei, HTC, Sony, Meizu, Samsung, Sony, and even Motorola rooted phones. Incase your phone is not rooted; you will have to use a font on ‘ifont’s online tab. To set your font, first enable installation from unknown sources on your phone, you can do this in settings, click security and enable the installation. Launch the app and go to ‘RECOM’ or ‘FIND’ tabs to search for fonts. Tap on the fonts you want to install and click ‘download’ and click the ‘set’ button. Then go to settings, click on ‘display’ tap on ‘font’ and select ‘size and style’, you should be able to see your newly installed font on the list.