Common Phones Fault And Their Solution

Mouth piece

Mouth piece is build to record audio or connect your to another person in a call so when the mouth piece of the phone is bad the person you are calling won’t be able to hear you

Solution is to change it

Speaker problem

When you are not able to hear sound when playing music or receiving call that means the speaker of the phone is bad

Earpieces problem

When you answer a call and you not able to hear the person unless you put the call in hand free mode then the earpieces of the phone and need to be replaced

Network problem

When you stop receiving network signals in your android phone then the network cable is bad it need to be replaced

Phone hanging on boot mode

When you on your phone and hangs on logo all you need to hard reset the phone by pressing the power button and down volume key and then select the reset option

Phone storage running low

When you phone start showing these massage you discover using your phone becomes difficult so all you need to do is delete stuff on your phone like pictures and videos or better still get a memory card and transfer all files on your phone storage to the memory card…