Business You Can Start that Won’t Affect You as a Student


Despite the facts that Education is been called the best legacy in the world, yes but not everybody will used it to work as a civil servant or for a white-collar job, some people will use in their personal professional like tailor, Bricklaying and other hands work. Even if you don’t used your certificate to secure a job, that does not mean that your Education is totally useless.

Network Marketing.

In this Century, it not compulsory you open a shop or have a product before making money, all you need is a phone and a data and start making your money. Been a network marketer does not require to stay on your phone 24/7, 2 hours a day is enough for you to spend on it and make our money.

Mini Importation

This is one of the most common business students are engaging in nowadays, it is one the best business you can do as student without having any effect on your education. It not compulsory you have any capital before starting the business, all you need it the Knowledge about the importation, decide the things you must to be importing, country you want to be importing from, but as a student China or Turkey, is the best country for you to be importing from, while cloth, shoes are other thing student cannot do without should be your point of concentration.

Software And Hardware seller:

This is one of the funniest job you can do, and you will make you money without stress. You can decide to be selling computer software or its hardware (part of computer), part of phones also. This business does not require large amount of capital to start and it will take of much of your time, all you need it to let student around to what you sell, and for software it not compulsory you have it in disk, all you can have the setup up on your system.

Data And Recharge Card:

This is one of the business, you can do when in school that is very 100 percentage sure that you will see customer that will be patronizing you. Because there is no way a student will be in school, without having data or Credit on his phone. Students will always want to do research and will also want to know information that is going around the school.

Selling Of Provision:

Although As a student, this is one of the business you can do and make your cool money in it. it not compulsory you open a shop, because the cost of renting a shop will be too expensive, you can be using your room as your shop. Things like Egg, snack should be your major things you should be selling.

And mind you, always put in mind that Education is the best legacy, do not play with your education because you are making money, a word is enough for a wise.