Business you can start as Husband And Wife

Travel Business

You can create amazing experiences for people looking to travel for vacations, honeymoon or tour by suggesting the best locations in the world. Furthermore, you can ensure that their entire travelling experience is stress less and beautiful by making sure all the “I”s and “T”s are dotted and crossed.

Fashion company

You can create a bespoke fashion hub for men and women where their wardrobe and easily be stocked with beautiful fashion items.

Family Restaurant

Cooking is something couples find easy to do together particularly when they create time for it. You and yours truly can do more than cook at home. You can feed many people on a daily basis by this lucrative idea. The best part of it is, people would always eat


On ibtforum payment is guaranteed. Husband and wife can try this online business to support little spending in the family that can cause quarrel. Registration fee is only 1500naira.Open for yourself and your Wife.


You have things you want to educate Nigeria society and also make money from it. Try to join this platform with little sum of 2000 naira.