Business that can be easily set up with low capital

Due to the current economic situation, many youths (both graduates and non graduates) have invested more of their time, energy and financial resources in trade or learning a skill that would assist them in setting up a business, as a main source of income or as a side income. One of the problems of setting up a business venture is usually raising capital and the cost of capital

The following are simple Business that can be easily set ip

Fast Food/Street Food

Due to the high demand in food. Many people have resorted to fast foods. Infact, many people prefer fast foods to home-made dishes because they’re fast, time efficient and can contain a variety in one meal, for instance, a meal can contain; rice, beans, spaghetti, meat, eggs, fried plantain and even salad. Youths have also ventured into the preparation of street foods such as Suya, sharwama, noodles, chips, barbeque, toast bread etc.

Hair/Barbing Salon

This business also can be set up with little space or in a kiosk. Every Saturday, school girls troop into salons for a new hairdo, ladies are not exempted from the list. Barbing salons also make sales from haircuts and shavings, sometimes barbers are contracted for private services. Some Barbing salons also engage in gaming services, sales of audio and video CDs, phone accessories or viewing centres, inorder to boost sales and patronage

Baking and Catering Services

Food is an essential part of our lives and due to our busy schedules, many people settle for snacks and pastries before getting home for the main meal. Snacks like; meat pie, egg rolls, puff puff, fish rolls, beans cake, chin chin etc, are always in high demand, both for kids and adults. With this business, everyday is a seasonal sale. All you need is a space/kiosk, a small show glass and other baking utensils for a start.

Also note, due to the high cost of renting catering companies, some people prefer to hire good professional who run small catering business is for their parties; weddings, burial ceremonies, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, convocation etc, and every weekend, there are thousands of parties in session.

POS Business.

Point of Sale(POS) business is very lucrative and easy to set up, all you need is a small space or kiosk for establishment. Honestly, there are different banks and financial institutions operating on the POS network, but there are some with cheaper interest rate, flexible payments with total cost less than #30000 naira.