Business Ideas That Can Fetch You Money Weekly From Your Home

These business ideas do not really require any formal training or special equipment before you can start making any sales, and the good news about these business ideas is the fact that they are hot selling with a massive return profit on a weekly basis.

Recharge Card And Data Selling Business:

If you are not yet into this business, then you are greatly missing out because of the high profit rate in the business most especially with Data selling.  This also applies to the selling of Virtual Top-Ups (VTU) recharge cards, without having to leave your house.

That is even on a low side because you are bound to have more customers on a daily basis with proper marketing which can be done for free through your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Home Lesson:

This applies mostly to Private school teachers who have been rendered Jobless with the closure of schools and Undergraduates who are at home due to the lockdown.

It will be a very profitable venture that you can do from the comfort of your home, by getting primary and secondary school students in your street who have been at home due to the closure of schools.

Clothes, Shoes And Bag Selling:

This seems to be the trend right now and there’s nothing wrong if you also jump on this trend as long you are making your money legitimately. Due to several emerging fashion trends, there is a very high demand for fashionable clothes, shoes and bags nowadays Among Youths especially.


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