Thank you for your interest in advertising on IBTForum!

We run an Affordable Ad Rotator with which any IBTForum member can place an advert on the website with the different slot such as;

Sponsored post publication (any image size) spreading over Facebook timeline by our members. (Negotiable – depends on business type)

Leaderboard 728 x 90, top banner display on all pages on both mobile devices and PC
(Cost  ₦500 per day)

Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 right side banner display on all pages on PC and bottom pages on mobile devices
(Cost  ₦200 per day)

We understand how costly it’s to grow your business and make sales. So we have made our promotion very affordable keeping you in mind.

How To Get Started

To place an advert on IBT FORUM:

  1. You must create and have membership account on IBTForum.
  2. Then get your ad banner designed or your promotion article with not more than one image prepared.
  3.  And then WhatsApp: 08022067721


  1. Ad banner size on different slot should be maintained else your banner will not be accepted.
  2. If sponsored post, minimum placement is 1 day =Negotiable
  3. If top banner, minimum placement is 30 days = ₦15,000
  4. If right side banner, minimum placement is 30 days = ₦6,000

To make payment, upload your ads and get your ads approved, WhatsApp: 08022067721

We look forward to doing business with you!

Best regards,

IBTForum Management.