6 things top salespeople never do

There are many write-ups about what top salespeople do to achieve success and stand out from the rest.

Looking from a different perspective, rather than focusing on the things they do, let’s take a look at some of the things they don’t do.

To become a highly rated seller, here are six things you should never do.

1. Don’t lie… ever

Good relationships are built on trust. This implies that the best sales people always say only what they are going to do and do only what they said they will do, and they never lie about what they cannot do.

Their customers are always willing to open up to them because they know they can trust them. This makes the sellers come across as more than just vendors. They are seen by their customers as allies.

2. Don’t go missing in action

Trying to locate your sales personnel without any luck can be really frustrating, particularly when you urgently need them.

Top sellers are always available and responsive whenever they are needed by their clients. In situations where they won’t be available, they always make it a point to let their clients know who will be taking care of business while they are away.

3. Don’t focus on yourself

The best salespeople don’t care much for profits or quotas, and they don’t make desperate efforts to close a deal. They pay more attention to customer satisfaction.

They always put their clients first, and in order to achieve success, they always try to get a clear picture of their clients’ business, opportunities, challenges, objectives and goals.

4. Don’t show up unprepared

They take their clients very seriously, and as such, they never show up unprepared. They are always fully ready with a business plan. They take adequate time to get ready for each appointment, and they always try to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.

5. Don’t say, “It’s not my fault”

Top salespeople never think of themselves as the main difference between their company and other companies. They tie their success to that of their clients.

They are always quick to identify a problem and act swiftly to solve it.

6. Don’t just sell products or services

We could say they care more about selling solutions than selling products. It’s always about how the product can solve the needs of the client, not about how their products are superior to those of their competitors.

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