5 websites where you can earn cool cash without any stress


1. Freelancer.com

Freelancing is the process of delivering services to employers without or with a long term contract.

Freelancer.com is a great website where you can make money online. People who have so many talents like graphic designing, multilingual, websites creator, coding, Photoshop and other more could easily get hired and paid well for their job well done.



All you need to do in order to start earning at freelancer.com is to enter the website sign up describe yourself by stating jobs you are interested in, how much skill you have and how fast you can get the job done. for you to get more employers you have to have a good reputation at the beginning so that you earn more.

2. Time bucks.com

Time bucks pay you for doing some easy task. You might not earn more at the beginning but if you’re consistent enough you may be earning up to $176 per month for clicking advertisements, doing surveys, watching videos, reading website news, installing apps and other more.



To get started on time bucks all you have to do is to sign up on the website once you sign up you get $1 for signing up and you will be given tasks list.

3. Verb ling.com

Do you know you can make money by just teaching your native language? Most people of today’s world are trying to learn a new language because they want to study overseas, they want to improve their employability, or even grow their business. The point here is that there is a huge market for online Learners who are willing to pay for language Coaching. If you can speak and teach your native language very well, you just have to sign up with verb ling.com and start earning.

4. Writer access.com.

Copywriting is writing a copy for the purpose of advertising or marketing. The copy is meant to persuade someone to buy a product or to influence their beliefs. If you have the skill of writing sales copy in other to maximize product sales, you should sign up with writer access.com and start earning.

5. Hub.opera.com.

Opera news hub is the most popular news hub in Africa and pays individuals for writing articles. You can make at least 10000 naira per month depending on how serious and updated you are. Apart from the money earned on opera news hub, you also gain more exposure, international audience and more knowledge. If you are good at writing articles, just sing up at hub.opera.com and start earning.

Feel free to share this post and I hope I have inspired one or two people with this information If you have anything or any other website to add to the above, you can send it through the comments section