5 Dangerous Mistakes Every Cooking Gas User Should Not Make To Avoid Explosion

1. Making calls near the gas cylinder

This is one of the commonest causes of gas accidents in Nigeria. Users of gas cylinders should ensure to keep their phones and mobile devices far from the gas cylinder, as mobile phones have the capability to ignite the gas and start a fire.

2. Shaking the cylinder to ascertain the level of gas left

This is very dangerous. Please, do not shake the gas cylinder when curious about the level of gas left in it. Instead do this – pour some water vertically on the body of the gas. The part that dries off does not contain gas therefore, the level that is wet on the body of the gas cylinder is the level of gas you have left.

3. Use of expired cylinders

This is perhaps the part that most gas users are ignorant about. Most people do not know that gas cylinders expire. When they do, they develop little holes through which the gas leaks out. The average gas cylinder has a life span of 3-4 years, after that, please dispose of it and get a new one.

4. Putting on the gas before the lighting the match stick

This might sound unnecessary but it is very important. Before turning on the gas, your match stick should be on fire already, not the other way round. By turning on the gas first, you release some of its content into the air and if you do not turn on the matches quickly before the air gets saturated, you might cause an explosion.

5. Turning off only the burner after cooking

This is a mistake almost everyone make, including me sometimes. Yet, it isn’t right to turn off just the burner after the preparation of meals. The right thing to do is to turn off both the cooking burner and the gas cylinder. This should eliminate all risk of an explosion.