4 business ideas that will Earn you 36000 per day.

Financial break through is all the thing we are all yearning for.Take a step and start one of these business ideas and start get earning.All you need is a capital enough to cater for all requirements needed.

1.chicken ranching.

This is one of the profitable business idea one should start ,it involves keeping of chickens.

chicken ranching requires one to have enough space to set up a small house for the chickens.The house should be enclosed with afence .

You can start with 5 hens depending with your capital .Most preferably you can keep broilers,they grow faster and they are in demand.


You can start a boutique with less than 50k depends with size of boutique you want to start.you can buy women’s clothes because they are in high demand and start selling them. Let’s say you buy 200 trousers each costing 300 shillings and you sell each trouser at 600.already that’s a100% profit.

3.selling of motumba clothes.

Motumba clothes comes in bulk ,you can get a bale at 5k and a bale can have 300 iteims inside and let’s say you took a bale which contains t shirts and you sell each t shirts at 100.That’s 25000 profit and you are good to go.

4.Boda Boda.

This actual requires huge amount of capital to start because one bike can cost around 80k but it’s worth to risk cause the profit is huge. Let’s say you manage to buy three bikes and each day you get 500 shillings from each bike and that adds up to 1500 per day.and per week it brings 7500 shillings.And within one year you will get your capital back with a huge capital.