3 Ways of Becoming a Millionaire without a Capital

1) Your Talent
Talent is a natural unique gift given to an individual. We all have unique talent. Some people have been able to discover their talents while others haven’t been able to identity it yet. The reason why people are celebrated today is because of their talent. People who make use their talent are always in high demand, and most of them are paid huge sum money for what they can offer with their talent.

2) Hubby
Your hubby is something you love doing. Whatever you love doing you tend to spend extra time and energy doing it. When you earn a living with your hubby, you might not want to retire from it. There is no capital required to earn a living from your hubby. Someone of such kind might just need to be invited for the program where his to perform and display what he/she loves doing and at the end he/she gets paid.

3) Use a business proposal
A business proposal can be used to apply for a loans or grant. If you have a nice business proposal you can easily get loans or grant from banks or any organisation

All that is needed is just to write down what it entails to start the business. You can even be a good writer of all sort, if you have the skill and knowledge to put up a good work.