10 Business Ideas To Start With 100K In Nigeria That Will Make You Millions

It is common for people to ask me for business ideas they can start with 100k or less because I work in an entrepreneurship support organisation. Because of the frequency of this question, I figured that a thousand others with little savings or funding may also have the same challenge.




As a result, I decided to put together 10 business ideas you can bring to life with just 100,000 Naira. If you are focused, diligent, hardworking, honest, consistent with good customer relationship skills, in no time, you will turn your 100,000 Naira to millions.








Organic Drink Production And Sales


People are becoming increasingly aware of the health implication of processed food and soda because of the high rise of stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure. This has caused a constant drift from soft drinks to naturally made drinks and fruit juices, without sugar, and additives.




So, anyone who goes into production and sales of naturally made drinks now is in to make lots of profit. Some examples of naturally made drinks are smoothies, fura da nunu, tiger nut drink, and freshly made fruit juice.




All you need to transform this business idea into a profitable venture is a blender, desired fruits, and ingredients, plastic bottles, and a refrigerator.








Phone Charging Business


It is no longer news that having stable and constant power supply is a challenge in Nigeria. Your target audience for this business are not people who have alternative source of power supply but those who don’t. So, this should be considered when deciding a location for your business.




All you need for this business is a power source, and a large wooden board with lots of switches, to accommodate lots of phones.




NYSC camp is a very good location for this business idea, as corpers have nowhere to charge their phones, and would pay any amount to charge their phones. Rural areas are feasible locations for this business as well.










Production Of Organic Skincare Products


Recently, there has been this rave for organic skincare products. Everyone wants to go organic, as there has been more sensitization on the harmful effects of inorganic chemicals in skincare products.




Starting a skincare business is very affordable, as all you need are your materials and containers. Containers can be gotten from Ojota market, for those that are based in Lagos.




From your first production and sales of handmade bathing soap, body cream, body scrub, etc. you start making a profit, as organic skincare products are usually fast-moving consumer goods. You can watch tutorials on how to make these products on YouTube or Instagram.










Production And Sales Of Bedsheet And Pillowcase


Ideally, every home owns at least a bedsheet or two, while some families own more than five bedsheets, depending on the family’s size.




So, there is no way one would go into this business without making waves. What do you need to start? You need to buy quality materials in bulk, then give them to a good tailor who sews the materials into bedsheet and pillowcase. After that, you can sell away through social media or your business website.








Laundry/Dry Cleaning Services


The stress from the 9 to 5 job or for the entrepreneur running around to ensure the business is running smoothly is enough to wear out the body. Weekends are for spending time with family and relaxing for the next weeks hustle. With this kind of busy schedule, most people will not mind paying for this service.




To start, reach out to families who need this service and you can service as many families as possible. You can get paid between N3000 to N10,000 by each family depending on how you package yourself.




All you need to start a dry cleaning business is a small washing machine and an iron. You can start small, then expand as the business grows.








E-payments/POS Business (Agent Banking)


Do you know that some people just don’t like going to either an ATM or the bank? To them, it just feels like a big punishment. They prefer to walk into a nearby e-payment outlet for their banking transactions even though they are charged a transaction fee.




You can become a banking agent and own an e-payment outlet. To become an agent, go to any bank of your choice, and register to become one of the bank’s agents. After registration, you would be given a POS machine. While some banks give their POS for free, some charge a small fee for it.






Grilling Business


Suya – locally grilled cow meat, majorly made by the Hausa’s has been an all-time favourite, for as long as I have known my name. To date, children and adults alike still crave for this delicious treat.




Yes, Suya is baba in this game but we must also acknowledge that grilled fish, chicken (barbeque), goat meat (asun) etc. are gaining grounds in the market.




The best part; grilling any of these ‘protein‘ is not peculiar to only mallams (like suya), as anyone can go into the business of grilling and selling these delicacies to customers.




Asides having a permanent stand, you can go to grill at parties, dinners, birthdays, etc. and make some cool cash. All you need for this business is a griller, desired ‘protein‘ and spices.








Barbing Saloon


It is a necessity for males and females on low cut to trim or get a hair cut regularly. The point is, people always visit a barbing saloon to either have a hair cut or shave their beards. There is a ready market for this business therefore, you cannot go wrong with this business idea.




All you need to start the business is a store, clippers, small combs, sterilizers, generator etc. These won’t cost up to 100,000 Naira depending on the location.










Pop Corn Production And Sales


Popcorn is one of the many treats I am grateful for in this life. It is loved by almost everyone, young and old, male and female. Popcorn is also a good companion for the movies.




Therefore, you can’t go wrong exploring this business idea. All you need to start this business on a small scale is fresh and moist corn, popcorn machine, sugar, salt, butter, and any other flavour you would like to add.








Football Viewing Centre


Football fans can go to any length to ensure they watch their club, country or favourite player on the field. Therefore, this business idea is going to be a profitable venture, as the fan base of the football sport is numerous worldwide.




To start a football viewing centre business, you will need is a good location, generator, a flat-screen television of at least 32”, and a Dstv or Gotv decoder. You can as well sell chilled drinks, and grilled ‘protein‘ in your viewing centre to make extra cash.








These business ideas listed above can be started with 100K or less. Ideas are everywhere, the challenge always is execution. You can talk to us on [email protected] if you need to develop a business model for any of these ideas.




Let’s create visibility for your business by putting you on the world map. This will increase your sales and revenue. Contact us today to start.



    • Basically, we are in a technology era,were bi technology gadgets of diff kinds are been used and repaired when faulty or damaged! I repair andriod and mobile phones.So if 16000 naira as mentioned above is been credited 2 mi acct! It will in purchasing a new soilding pen, the big size, new screw drivers,Diff mouths to add to the little i ave,buy some soilding wires

  1. For people to be able to improve or build new things into their businesses, they should be able to recognize and develop an opportunity in order to create a successful business for themselves.

  2. This article is wonderfully written,You can be so
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  3. I find this post very useful and beneficial
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  4. This article is wonderfully written,You can be so
    creative if you’re ready to be an autonomous And
    using power of social media can really improve or
    elevate your business.
    The platform is so elevating.

  5. For people to be able to improve or build new things into their businesses, they should be able to recognize and develop an opportunity in order to create a successful business for themselves.

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